Urumqi Children’s Hospital


Founded in 1934, Urumqi Children's Hospital is a Grade 3 Class A general children's hospital and the first WM hospital in Xinjiang.


Now the beds available in the hospital are 628. Its annual outpatient number is over 550,000, discharged outpatient number is over 29,000, and performed operation number is about 3,000. The acute, risky and severe case rescue rate is 96.8%. The children from other areas account for 51% of all the treated patients, in which the acute, risky and severe cases amount to 70%. Now there are 746 professional health care staff.


The Urumqi Children's Hospital owns 38 specialized departments and forms now six complete systems of pediatric diagnosis and treatment, namely pediatric intensive care system, pediatric surgical system, pediatric medical system, children healthcare and rehabilitation system, pediatric diagnosis and treatment system, and pediatric outpatient system.


The diagnosis and treatment skills of the Department of Intensive Care (PICU, NICU, and CICU), Department of Neonatology, Department of Neurology, pediatric fiber bronchoscope intrapulmonary lavage, pediatric electrophysiology, and pediatric type B ultrasound are of leading level in the country. Such diagnosis and treatment items as pediatric rheumatism and immunology, pediatric endocrine, pediatric bronchofiberscope, and pediatric colonoscope in the hospital are unique in Xinjiang.

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Our experts
Liu Lu
Job title: Associate Chief Physician
Wang Shuhong

Job title: Chief Physician

Mierzhati Haiweier

Job title: Chief Physician

Dilibaier Rexiati

Specialty: diagnosis and treatment of all sorts of difficult and refractory child skin diseases and hemangioma.