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Introduction on Promotion Platform of “Belt & Road” Cross Border Health Tourism
Ⅰ. Project Overview
Established in November, 2016, the promotion platform project of “Belt & Road” Cross Border Health Tourism is a core project of Health Tourism Center which is one of the “Five Centers” of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region set up according to the nation’s overall policy of “Belt & Road” and on the basis of the general deployment of the party committee and government of the region on pushing forward the core area construction of Silk Road economic belt. The project is a cross border health tourism service item which is led by Health and Family Planning Commission of Urumqi, undertaken by Xinjiang Brothers Union Network Technology Company, Ltd., as well as the online and offline cooperation of various health resources, and is greatly valued by hygiene departments of China as well as Russian speaking countries.
The project is of great importance in pushing forward the construction of Health Service Center in the Silk Road economic belt core regions of Xinjiang, creating regional superior health resource highland, solving the difficulties of people in surrounding countries to see a doctor, giving impetus to the development of other industries and laying a solid social popular will foundation for the implementation of “Belt & Road” strategy.
Ⅱ. Main Body Plate of the Platform
Taking the health resources of Urumqi as its foothold, the “Belt & Road” Cross Border Health Tourism Promotion Platform radiates about 1.4 billion people of Central Asia and 18 Russian speaking countries and creates a comprehensive service system combining both healthcare and tourism. Relying on rich health resources of Urumqi, as well as its mature tourism resources, it supplies the countries along the Belt & Road around Xinjiang with cross border health treatment and tourism service.
The platform has three versions in Chinese, English and Russian. The Russian platform is mainly opened to 18 Russian speaking countries with the domain name of .ru, and the servers are placed in many important cities of Russia and countries in Central Asia to make sure that users in foreign countries can visit it at a high speed. 5 plates of the platform are as follows:
[Key Hospitals]16 key hospitals of Urumqi has entered the platform, including 231 core departments, 1186 experts, Russian documents of more than 400000 characters and detailed graphic displays, which can make the patients know about all the hospitals visually.
[Commonly Seen Diseases] There are 114 sorts of diseases included in early stage, and patients can enter advantageous hospitals by checking a single disease and can consult and submit the cases online.
[Tourism] It displays the ecologicalization, modernization and clustering characteristics of Urumqi through the introductions on its ten hot scenic spots, modern transportation construction and modern business landmarks, etc. Patients can select proper treatments and tourism routines by the recommended ways, tourism companies, tourism routines and accommodation.
[Health Service Center] It includes the brief introduction on the center, the way to Urumqi for treatment, notes while seeing a doctor in foreign countries, reception sites of main cities in foreign countries and so on, and it also has functions of online consultation and offline message. It gets in touch with overseas patients through the platform, offers the channels for disease consultation and online communication, and becomes a window of Urumqi’s cross border health tourism.
[Medical Treatment and Great Health] It displays the plan for a ten billion health industrial cluster of Urumqi, and 9 industries are involved.
Ⅲ. Domestic and Overseas Promotion Channels of the Platform
Online promotion:
Yandex, the largest SE in Russian speaking countries and Google, which covers the largest areas of the world are adopted, in combination with We media of these countries, 18 Russian speaking countries are covered and audiences are precisely fixed. While promoting widely online, local public media such as TV, press and guideboards are adopted at the same time to make the health tourism of Xinjiang well known to the surrounding countries.
Offline promotion:
    1. In cooperation with Xinjiang Normal University, Xinjiang Medical University and the Institute of Foreign Language of Xinjiang University, the platform construction unit can coordinate 2000 foreign overseas students and college students of local universities, and it can also rely on our overseas students to promote our cross border health tourism platform collectively.
    2. Main foreign trade distribution center of the platform construction unit in Urumqi, as well as its large number of domestic and overseas client resources can become the promotion power of offline promotion in foreign countries.
    3. The platform construction unit can make use of its foreign trade members in Central Asia and Russian speaking countries to promote the cognition degree of cross border health platform among foreign people.
Ⅳ.Supporting Services of the Platform
    1. The platform construction unit is supported by professional customer service groups, which can meet the needs of daily online consultation and a reception of 50 person-times on the phone, and 5000- character cases can be translated each day.
    2. The platform construction unit is supported by professional translation groups to confirm the treatment needs of foreign patients with the hospital, aid in translation and communication in the early stage of long distance consultation among the supporting hospital, Weining Health and foreign patients to conquer the current language barriers of all hospitals and reinforce the soft power of medical institutiond on the platform.
    3. The platform construction unit makes strategic cooperation with many large international tourism companies of Urumqi, and is responsible for organizing the foreign patients abroad, applying for visa, reception and hotel booking works after their arrival at Urumqi.
    4. The platform construction unit cooperates with all the colleges and universities, sets up professional translation groups by the talents there, and can reach a daily receipt of 50 person-times.
    5. When foreign patients finish their treatment and go back to their countries, they can upload patient files to the platform to make foundation for the establishment of Urumqi Cross Border Treatment Big Data Center in future.
Ⅴ. Long Term Planning

Through the promotion platform of “Belt & Road” cross border health tourism, it is planned to realize the “1-10-100” plan: “1” means to receive 10000 foreign patients over the platform promotion; “10” means to set up affiliated institutions in countries along the Belt & Road; “100” means to reach an accumulated 1 million overseas page views of the platform.

The ultimate aim of the cross border health tourism service platform is to serve foreign patients and solve the difficulties in seeing a doctor in an effective way, through the intact supported service system online and offline to gain the reliabilities of foreign patients and make them come for treatment and go back in satisfaction. It is the inevitable option to build Urumqi into a medical treatment highland, and it is a crucial pillar to push forward the economic sustainable development. To insist on economic cooperation and common advancement of cultural and educational exchanges together with surrounding countries along the line, it is both the destination of economic social development and requirements of facilitating economic growth.

Domain Name of Main Website of Cross Border Health Tourism Promotion Platform and SLD of Hospitals

Main website of cross border health tourism promotion platform


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Xinjiang Medical University Cancer Hospital


Hospital of Xinjiang Traditional Uyghur Medicine


Urumqi Eye and Ent Hospital


The Sixth Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University


Children Hospital of Urumqi


Urumqi Hospital of Stomatology


Urumqi Friendship Hospital


Urumqi Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital


The Fifth Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University


The First Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University


Chest Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region


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The Second Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University


Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region


The Fourth Peoples Hospital of Urumqi


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