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Accelerate medical organizations with various forms: It induces international hospital management experience through the governmental guidance and social financing, establishes a group of international hospitals actively, such as Uygur International Hospital, Youai Hospital, Children's Hospital of Uygur (North of the City), Hemei Maternity Hospital and so on, and plays its functions and roles as the health service center of the Silk Road. Perfect the hierarchical diagnosis pattern preliminarily.
The capital’s resource advantages in healthcare are mainly made use of to lead the social capital into the high end health service fields. Medical institutions with the capitals of China and foreign countries and held in cooperation are encouraged.
Promote the ethnic health service level of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Innovate service modes of Traditional Chinese Medicine institutions, encourage sorts of Traditional Chinese Medicine ethnic hospitals to carry out a whole chain service mode integrating healthcare, rehabilitation and prevention as a whole, multi professional joint diagnosis and treatment model, as well as the treatment mode of comprehensive application of various Traditional Chinese Medicine ethnic medicine methods.
Develop the third party health service greatly. Push forward the entering of social capital into medical treatment and rehabilitation service field, carry out the third party service institutions such as professional centers for clinical laboratory, health examination centers, Image center and pathological centers, preparation centers, disinfection centers and so on.
Develop greatly the third party services, such as medical equipment third-party service, medical information technology outsourcing and health service cloud platform and so on.


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Urumqi, Xinjiang, China shayibak district Altay road, No. 11 
Urumqi city blood center, 7th floor

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