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Xinjiang Folk Street
The Folk Street of Xinjiang Urumqi lies in the west lane of Urumqi City and the main body structure are buildings with typical Islamic styles. The Folk Street is classified into 5 5-floor buildings in palace style that lined in order and 4 vaults of time tunnel style connect them as a whole and 20 pillars stand upright there. Xinjiang Folk Street is a new scenic spot of Urumqi, and the pavilion here integrates politics, history, culture, economy, local customs and practices as a whole, and is the “Live Map, Live Guide, Live Name Card” of tourism in Xinjiang, which displays an intact ”Mystery Xinjiang” micro scenery of terrains, landscapes, famous sceneries and urban construction of its 15 regions and states, it also gathers the typical local customs and practices and the spectacle sceneries in the south and north of Heavenly Mountain.
Inside Xinjiang Folk Street, there are ”Mystery Xinjiang” micro sceneries, the Folk Custom Museum of Xinjiang University, Folk Tea Art Bar, 36 Country Custom Park of Western Regions, Folk Artwork Bar, Yesterday and Today in Xinjiang, Xinjiang Eco-museum, Dissert Strange Stone Hall, Jewelry and Jade Hall,  Fangte Tourism Science and Technology Park, Tourist Commodities Supermarket, Gourmet Court and so on.
Xinjiang Folk Street makes the tourists here “Walk through Xinjiang over a Street, experience the ancient and nowadays in one day” and offers them the culture treasury. Xinjiang Folk Street is a beautiful window displaying the elegance of folks in Xinjiang and is the first stop of the tourism to sense the customs of Xinjiang.




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Urumqi, Xinjiang, China shayibak district Altay road, No. 11 
Urumqi city blood center, 7th floor

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