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Shuimogou Scenic Region is also called Shuimogou Park, and is named after Shuimogou inside of it. It is 5 kilometers away in the northeast suburb of Urumuqi and lies at the foot of East Mountain and at the end of Red Mountain. Located in a strange valley formed from seismic fault layers and with the length of more than 1 kilometers, and it has delightful sceneries formed with the main bodies of Shuita Mountain, Qingquan Mountain, Hongqiao Mountain, Spring Mountain and Shuimo River. Inside the scenic spot, there are ancient and high trees, flowing springs, scattered pavilions and temples. It was named more than 200 years ago when the army of Qing Dynasty built water mill here. In 25th year of Qianlong Period (1760), a 26-year-old Kashi Uygur girl named “Xiangfei” was summoned to the palace for the contribution of her family in rebellion suppression, and when she passed by Dihua (Urumuqi today), she took a spring bath in Shuimogou, and there came the tale of Xiangfei’s Bath.
At present, the Shuimogou scenic spot is composed of “Five Mountains and One River”(Qingquan Mountain, Hongqiao Mountain, Spring Mountain, Shuita Mountain, Saussurea involucrate Mountain and Shuimo River), integrating graceful customs, beautiful mountains and rivers as a whole, and is the nation’s 4A-class tourist scenic spot. Shuimogou scenic spot is a combination of natural sceneries, man-made landscapes, culture heritages and folk customs, all of which are genuine and come from the nature. It is a choice for you to have trips in spring, spend your vacation in summer, enjoy your sightseeing in autumn and appreciate the snow in winter.


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Urumqi, Xinjiang, China shayibak district Altay road, No. 11 
Urumqi city blood center, 7th floor

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