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- The hospital has 34 clinical departments
- A thorough investigation and diagnosis
- Leading hospitals from individual treatment programs
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- Hospital residency training
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- Get advice from leading experts
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Hospital profile

Affiliated Tumor Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University was founded in 1989, now it has grown into an autonomous region level top three hospital integrating multiple functions including medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and prevention.

The hospital has 1500 hospital beds, 34 clinical departments, 15 medical tech departments and 37 functional units; it has 2191 on-post staff, including 256 senior professional technicians, 552 personnel with master degree or above, 16 doctoral supervisors and 58 master supervisors. In 2015 the outpatient quantity is 316 thousand person-times, and a total of 58.9 thousand patients were admitted for treatment.

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